Zint: Manual

6. Types of symbology

6.7 Other Barcode-Like Markings

6.7.1. Facing Identification Mark (FIM)

Example of FIM

Used by the United States Postal Service (USPS), the FIM symbology is used to assist automated mail processing. There are only 4 valid symbols which can be generated using the characters A-D as shown in the table below.

Code Letter Usage
A Used for courtesy reply mail and metered reply mail with a pre-printed PostNet symbol.
B Used for business reply mail without a pre-printed zip code.
C Used for business reply mail with a pre-printed zip code.
D Used for Information Based Indicia (IBI) postage.

6.7.2 Flattermarken

Example of Flattermarken

Used for the recognition of page sequences in print-shops, the Flattermarken is not a true barcode symbol and requires precise knowledge of the position of the mark on the page. The Flattermarken system can encode any length numeric data and does not include a check digit.

6.7.3 DAFT Code

Example of DAFT Code

This is a method for creating 4-state codes where the data encoding is provided by an external program. Input data should consist of the letters 'D', 'A', 'F' and 'T' where these refer to descender, ascender, full (ascender and descender) and tracker (neither ascender nor descender) respectively. All other characters are ignored.